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Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable Review

This cable is currently unavailable - I'd recommend looking at Bluerigger or MediaBridge for a similar HDMI cable.

Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable
Fosmon HDMI Cable

The Fosmon HDMI cable is currently unavailable, check out the Twisted Veins and Bluerigger cables.

The Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable (Supports 4k, 1440p, 1080p) is a 6 foot premium quality HDMI cable which will stream digital video and audio through one cable. This cable is designed for home theater and can provide great picture and sound for HD devices. The cable is suitable and optimized for the next generation of performance HDTVs and game consoles which typically require 1080p resolution and Deep Color technology.

The Fosmon High Speed HDMI cable comes with a maximum bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. This cable supports the latest HDMI standards including 4K, 3D, Ethernet and audio return.  This cable will support everything you could possibly want to do with audio and video at a reasonable price.

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Features of the Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable

  • Full 7.1 surround sound
  • (Category 2) maximum : 340mhz/10.2Gbps
  • It comes with superior-grade, solid-copper conductors of the highest-purity
  • It also has two toned connectors with strain relief
  • Gold plated connectors are also used in the cable


This cable comes with no-slip grips and this is a plus if you are doing your connecting by reaching behind your entertainment center and feeling your way through the ports. This is a small thing, but many people have their equipment set up in such a way so that working behind is the usual modus operandi for connecting these cables.

Product Specification

Length: 6 feet
Maximum Bandwidth: 10.2Gbps/340Mhz (Category 2)
Shipping Weight: 7 pounds
Item model number: HD1801


  • Excellently priced
  • Well built, thick and sturdy
  • It does everything an HDMI cable is supposed to do
  • Great picture and sound
  • No slip grips


  •  There aren’t any downsides to this cable to date.

User Ratings and Reviews

Of the customers that have left reviews for the Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable most have given it an excellent rating, demonstrating the cable’s overall outstanding quality and performance. It is priced inexpensively, yet delivers perfect picture and sound every time. A couple of customers had issues with picture flickering and had to giggle the cable to get it working. Something to keep in mind.  For the most part there are only positive comments made about the cable. To see more about what customers have to say about this cable, you can read the reviews here.


The Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable (Supports the new 4k displays) is available on Amazon and is very competitively priced. While probably the cheapest of the cheap cables, it is the highest rated for quality and performance. You can check for the most current price here. This is likely the best value for the money cable on the market today and based on the very positive feedback from customers comes highly recommended.



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