Solid Cordz High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet Review

Solid Cordz HDMICable
Solid Cordz HDMI Cable

The Solid Cordz HDMI cable has proven to be a reliable and popular cable with customers. While not a high-end cable, it has impressed users with its quality and reliability, both of which are necessary for superior performance.

As with other HDMI cables the Solid Cordz has been designed to connect HDMI-compatible devices, such as those for home theater and gaming, to a HDTV. This particular cable is six feet in length, which is usually the perfect length for most equipment set ups.

The outstanding feature that customers have commented on is the solid build of these cables together with the amount of shielding to ensure a quality picture and clean audio. You can expect double shielding sourrounding the cable as well as solid gold plated connectors to ensure a good connection, not to mention the solid copper conductors. Their objective has been to provide a quality connection between your devices and customers believe Solid Cordz have achieved this.

The other thing worth mentioning is that you can use this cable for a shared internet connection for compatible devices while bypassing the need for extra wiring. Most importantly, HDMI cables have gone through plenty of development over the last few years and it good to know that the Solid Cordz cable is fully backwards compatible with earlier standards.

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Features of the Solid Cordz HDMI Cable

  • Design – a high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet
  • Suitable For – HDTV, Blu-Ray Players, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 so you can connect up your gaming and/or home theater equipment quickly and easily
  • Resolutions – supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 4K for versatility and top quality audio and visuals
  • Plating – Gold plated connectors ensures optimal signal for quality picture and sound
  • Shielding – Double shielding is used. Aluminum mylar foil and braid is also included for interference shielding purposes so that signals remain clear and undisturbed
  • Sound – Dolby TrueHD audio is supported as well as DTS-HD, Master AudioTM and Audio Return Channel for the best possible sound experience
  • Other – 3D, 4K, and Ethernet is also supported
  • Conductor – 28 AWG tinned copper
  • Installation – is very easy and as simple as plug-and-play – with no other processes necessary
  • CertificationCategory 2 so is able to support current and backwards HDMI standards
Features of the Solid Cordz
Features of the Solid Cordz


Shipping Weight – 10.4 ounces
Item No: SC-3008 hdmi
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

What’s Great About the Solid Cordz Cable?

  • High quality cable
  • Always reliable
  • High quality picture and sound
  • Well made
  • Great price considering you get two cables
  • Heavy duty build
  • Thick with protective cover
  • Non-proprietary so it works with a variety of equipment connections

What’s Not so Great

A few customers thought the price was too high however they seem to have bought the cables without the benefit of the current Amazon pricing.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This is a somewhat popular cable and customers that have left reviews for the Solid Cordz HDMI Cable give it an outstanding rating. We rate it 4.8 out of 5 stars. Things customers like about this cable include its value price, heavy duty build, thickness, quality, reliability and non-proprietary nature. To read more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.

Recommendation – Buy

The Solid Cordz HDMI Cable with Ethernet is available online and includes free shipping, if you qualify. You can check for the lowest price here. Given that HDMI cables are a necessary part of modern home theater and gaming consoles, finding a brand that customers are happy with is a good indication of functionality and quality. It also shows that it is not necessary to purchase high end, high priced HDMI cables to achieve quality performance and reliability. Based on customer feedback and the lifetime warranty, we are pleased to recommend the Solid Cordz High-Speed HDMI Cable as a value purchase.

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