DVI Gear HDMI Cable Review

DVI Gear HDMI cable

This cable is no longer available. Please look at the Bluerigger cable.


The DVI Gear HDMI Cable is a very reasonably priced cable which provides a male to male connection between HDMI in and HDMI devices out. It is the perfect cable to connect your Blu-Ray player, HDTV, gaming console, and other home theater devices. The cables are ATC (Authorized Testing Center) certified, this means the cable will pass on a HD signal to your HDTV of up to 1080p.

This cable has all the features and performance quality of an expensive HDMI cable and customers have generally reported their satisfaction at having not only purchased a great cable, but also at having saved a lot of money.

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Features of the DVI Gear HDMI Cable

  • Affordable and reliable signal transfer for your HD audio/video
  • Solid conductivity by way of oxygen-free copper
  • 24k gold-plated connectors contribute to a longer cable lifetime and better signal conduction
  • Cables use individual, shielded, twisted pair wires for an unsurpassed video signal

These features ensure that you will have an excellent home entertainment experience across all areas of your home theater hardware. While most customers reported no performance issues with the cables and were pleased to have saved a significant amount of money, a few users did not have that experience.

These customers felt they might have been unlucky and received a cable from a faulty batch of cables and expressed disappointment at having wasted their money, albeit very little. Some customers also commented that it is always best to establish if a Category 1 or a Category 2 cable is in fact required, prior to purchasing, so that you end up with the cable you need.

Product Specifications

  • 6 Feet Length reviewed
  • 24k Gold plated cable connectors
  • Highest quality digital signal (video and audio)
  • Up to 1080p resolution
  • 7-channel sound support
  • Weight –  4 ounces
  • Item model number: HDMI-2M
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty


  • Works just as well as expensive cables
  • Good performance
  • Outstanding price


  • Occasionally a cable will not work
  • Sporadic poor quality construction will result in the connector pins falling apart

User Ratings and Reviews

Being one of the more popular cables available, many customers have purchased and reviewed the DVI Gear HDMI Cable, giving it an outstanding rating. This indicates very clearly that while the cable is very inexpensive, the majority of customers are very happy with it and pleased they saved so much money by not purchasing an expensive cable. To read what customers have  to say, you can read the reviews HERE.


The DVI Gear HDMI Cable is available online and priced at an very low price and the best price I’ve found. To check for the most recent and current price.

Recommendation – Buy

The DVI Gear HDMI Cable is a great cable if you are prepared to take the chance you won’t end up with a faulty batch and if you are sure about the Category 1 and 2 requirements. An overwhelming majority of customers were very happy with their purchase and the subsequent performance of this cable. On this basis, it comes highly recommended.

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