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Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable Review

*** The Cheetah Mounts HDMI Cable has been rebranded to Twisted Veins.  The cables still have the same great quality and outstanding reviews at a great price.  You can read a review of the Twisted Veins cable HERE.

The Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable is, according to existing customers, one of the best quality HDMI cables on the market today. Not only does it work like gangbusters, it is also inexpensive and whenever these two things meld into the perfect combination, Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cablecustomers will always let you know about it. This cable features the newest 1.4 standard so it will handle upcoming technological developments as well as work with the latest electronics devices such as Blu-Ray players and gaming systems. From a technical perspective, the Cheetah Mounts Cable comes with an audio return channel to so that picture and home theater features are synced, this will ensure you receive the full benefit of your surround sound system.

If you have a smart TV, the Ethernet feature will have you ready for web browsing. The cable looks great too and is double shielded so that you experience an excellent picture and superlative sound quality. The cable is completely covered with an attractive blue and black protective casing which effectively prevents it from becoming frayed and/or damage. It’s a lot of cable for a little price, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality and its ratings speak for themselves.

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Features of the Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable

  • High Speed (1080P, and 3D 1080p Capable)
  • A braided jacket is included and provides extra protection and insulation
  • This cable is Ethernet ready
  • Includes Audio Return
  • Gold Connectors provide a quality connection


The Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable can be used on multiple devices such as HDTV, computer, Xbox and the Sony play-station. This means you don’t need a different cable for each device and this can save you from having a mess of tangled cables behind your entertainment system.

You can save a lot of money with these cables too because they work as well as high end cables and if you didn’t want to be constantly removing the cable from one device to use in another, you could afford to have a cable for each device, if you wanted to.

Product Specification

Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces
Length: 10 feet
Item model number: APHDMI10


  • Great price
  • The listed specs were similar and on par to the branded and expensive cables
  • It looks great
  • Excellent quality cable
  • The connectors are beautifully insulated


  • Very basic packaging – but this does not affect the performance of the cable in any way

User Ratings and Reviews

Customers have left reviews for the Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable and they have rated it with an almost perfect rating. It isn’t often that a product with this many reviews will maintain such a high rating and because it does, you can be assured that it performs very well from a functional perspective, does what it is advertised to do, proves huge value for your money and looks great as well.

There were a few negative comments which related to connectivity issues, but they must have been unlucky because 90% of customers didn’t. To read more about what customers had to say about the cable, you can read the reviews here.


The Cheetah Mounts HDMI Cable is available on Amazon for a very competitive price and if you are eligible, it also comes with FREE Super Saving Shipping. You can check for the most current price here. Based on the excellent feedback and ratings from existing customers, this cable comes highly recommended as ‘must have’.

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