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Monster Gamelink Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable for PS3 Review

Monster Gamelink HDMI CableThe Monster Gamelink Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable for PLAYSTATION 3 can give you the competitive edge for your gaming. The advantages provided by every minute detail of audio and video can often mean the difference between victory and defeat and with this cable you can increase your chances of victory in your game play. You can realistically expect to experience sharper and smoother sound, enhanced color contrast and balance, amplified and improved sound clarity as well as smoother picture motion.

The Monster Gamelink Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable will deliver realistic graphics and surround sound which will place you right in the middle of the game. It will also play Blu-ray Disc™ movies at 1080p resolution as well as stream internet entertainment for you.  It delivers everything you would expect from the Monster brand in terms of quality and performance with an emphasis on PS3 gamers.

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Features of the Monster Gamelink

  • High Speed rated
  • Greater durability and easier installation is achieved by using a Duraflex protective jacket
  • Damage from repeated setup and tear-down of PS3 connections is prevented by using a dual strain relief
  • Maximum digital signal transfer and corrosion resistance is obtained by using 24k gold contacts
  • Maximum rejection of interference for PS3 graphics and sound using high grade shielding
  • Length: 1.4 meters
  • 14.3 Gbps speed rated


The most significant benefit of this Monster HDMI cable is that it is PS3 specific and designed with the gamer in mind. 3D gaming is on the way, and with this cable, you will be ready for it and able to enjoy all the excitement it can deliver. New developments in high definition, such as Dolby® TrueHD and DTS™ HD Master Audio are raising the bar for gamers. This cable is speed-rated at 14.3 Gbps which is fast and combines HDMI and Ethernet to deliver all of today’s technology and beyond.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 1.4M in length (approx. 4ft)
Weight: 8.8 ounces
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
Item model number: PS3 HD AS-2M


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Quality construction, quality cable, quality picture, quality sound


  • To date there have been no negative comments of features in relation to this cable

User Ratings and Reviews

Customers that have left reviews for the Monster Gamelink Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable give it a perfect rating. This indicates the cable is definitely up to the job in terms of performance and quality. One of the reviews goes into quite a lot of detail about the benefits of this cable and it is worth reading, however it emphasizes the excellent picture and sound they experienced after upgrading from another cable. You can read the reviews here.

Our Recommendation – Buy

The Monster Gamelink Advanced High Speed HDMI Cable is available online for the best price I’ve found. If you are eligible, it also comes with free shipping. To check for the most current price, you can find it here.

If you are happy to pay for a Monster brand cable, you will definitely experience all the benefits of a high end cable for your gaming console and even though there isn’t a lot of reviews, it gets perfect score. It’s a quality cable, comes recommended and you won’t be disappointed.

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