Eforcity HDMI Cable Review

EforCity HDMI Cable
EforCity HDMI Cable

This cable is unavailable. Please look at the Secure-o-Max cable for a compatible HDMI cable.

The eForCity HDMI Cable is marketed as an HDMI cable which is not only a high performance cable, but a premium quality one as well. It provides massive value for your money and this is one of the reasons why customers love it. They did not feel they received the same value with high end brand name cables. This cable is ideally suited to connecting HDMI devices to each other, including home theater components, PlayStation 3, Blu-ray, DVD players and business class projector based applications.

This cable is very inexpensive and customers have noted that its appearance is likewise, however that happy occurrence did not seem to affect its performance. Most customers found the cable to be thin in appearance as well, but again this has not affected its performance. It is also certainly inexpensive enough to purchase more than one which has the added advantage of not needing to disconnect one device in order to plug it into another.

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Features of the EForCity HDMI Cable

Color: Black

    • Will connect an HDMI device to another HDMI device
    • 10 feet in length
    • Comes with gold plated connectors


The most significant benefit to be associated with this cable is that you can save a lot of money because they are priced so cheaply. These cables are so inexpensive, that even if it doesn’t work you are not really losing out. However, the cables which do work perfectly will more than make up for the odd failure. You can likely save a significant amount on each cable compared to a big name brand. It also means you can purchase more than one cable without breaking your budget.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 120 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches
Weight: 4.6 ounces
Item model number: 031-CP10-HDMI


  • The EforCity HDMI Cable is one of the cheapest cables available on the market today
  • There is no distortion in the picture
  • No problems with any individual pixels
  • It gives you the same result as Monster or Belkin cables


  • The cable is very thin
  • It breaks very easily
  • Some cables don’t work for very long

User Ratings and Reviews

Customer that have left reviews for the eForCity HDMI Cable and give it an excellent rating. The negative feedback was mostly related to the cable not working, or else only working for a very short time. Many customers didn’t have high expectations from such a cheap cable, but nevertheless expected it to work more than one or twice before it no longer worked.

On the other hand, the customers who didn’t have connectivity and quality issues love this cable. They were happy with its quality and the fact that it works well. Most customers really love the price and don’t mind the cheap packaging. To read more about what customers have to say about the cable, you can read the reviews here.

Our Recommendation – Cautious

 The eForCity HDMI Cable is available online for a very low price and to check for the current price details, you can find them here. The low price of this cable is one of the reasons for its popularity and with most of the customers being happy with its overall performance it would seem to be a good deal. There was a significant amount of negative feedback though and it was enough to drag down its rating. There are other low priced cables which have a higher rating, however it is largely a matter of personal preference and your budget as to which brand you decide to choose.  You might be better served buying the Mediabridge, Aurum or BlueRigger HDMI Cables.