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Monster Cable THX 1000 HDX-8 Review

Monster Cable THX 1000 HDMI Cable
Monster Cable THX 1000

The Monster Cable THX 1000 HDX-8 is an 8’ long, high speed HDMI cable which Monster fans love. This cable delivers the best audio and visual home entertainment experience possible. Monster THX cables have delighted purchasers who are quick to point out that as far as high speed cables go, this is one of the best.

As technology continues to deliver more advanced high definition components, so too does the demand for faster HDMI cables. Monster cables meet the needs of customers who seek exemplary sound and picture and the Monster Cable THX 1000 can do the job. All you need do is connect your TV to your audio and video components. If you need to run it through a wall, you can do so without loss of audio and picture quality.

Features of the Monster THX 1000 HDMI Cable

Physical Features

Length: 8 feet so you are not restricted in the placement of your equipment.


  • THX certified
  • ISF certified for professional video calibrations
  • The cable is UL rated so you can choose an in-wall installation if you wish and this option allows you to take advantage of a variety of installation options as well.


You can conveniently use the same cable for audio and video and connect the following devices for a high quality home entertainment experience

  • Most HDTVs, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes , gaming devices and home theater

Technical Features


  • Crystal clear sound adds quality to your audio experience for movies, TV and gaming


  • 14-bit Deep Color is provided for the ultimate in real life, vibrant color to improve your viewing experience.


  • The cable is Ultimate High Speed Rated at 15.8 Gbps for the best possible video and audio results.


  • The 1080p+/4K display resolution ensures you will be compatible with the latest HDTVs.
  • It provides you with a sharper picture to complement the superior audio experience.
  • The manufacturers recommend the monster 1000 for displays within the 120Hz to 240Hz refresh rates.

This cable is all about high quality, high speed audio and video data transfer so that you are able to enjoy and work with the best technology currently available with which to experience any home entertainment activity.

Product Specifications

Model: MC THX 1000 HDX-8
Shipping Weight: 1 pound
Length: 8 feet


  • High quality and long lasting
  • The price is reasonable for a high quality cable
  • Exceptional audio and visual
  • Very well made


  • The main issue is the usual complaint that Monster products are very much overrated and overpriced.


Customer Feedback and Opinions

Customers that have left reviews for the Monster Cable THX 1000 give it an excellent rating. Comments focused on the quality and its associated benefits such as superb picture and sound across a variety of HDMI devices.

There are a few negative comments focusing on the fact that this cable is no better than the lower priced versions, basically ‘Monster bashing’ where the price and quality of the cable was derided. To see more of what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.

Recommendation – Buy, if you have the money

The Monster Cable THX 1000 HDMI cable is available at the best price online and besides being competitively priced, also comes with Free Shipping, if you qualify. Monster fans love this high speed cable because it transfers HD video and audio signals to provide the very best viewing quality for movies, sports, TV and gaming.  Monster cables are very well put together quality cables, however there are many other choices for a quarter of the price that will perform as well as this cable. You won’t go wrong buying a Monster and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the cable.  If you want spend a lot less and still purchase a quality cable, look at Aurum, Rocketfish, Bluerigger or Mediabridge.

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