Aurum Ultra Series – High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet Review

Aurum Ultra Series – High Speed HDMI Cable

The Aurum Ultra Series – High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet is a high performing, quality HDMI cable with a stylish black and red, braided nylon cover. This certified cable is compatible with all HDMI devices and will bring a new level of enhancement to your home theater entertainment systems. Video, audio and Ethernet are all combined in one cable which means you only need to use the one cable to connect your HDMI device to your HDTV.  An Internet connection can be shared among many devices without a separate Ethernet cable saving on cable clutter.

You can use this cable with a Blu-Ray player, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, HD Cable Box, Personal Computer or any other device with an HDMI output, providing you with a high level of versatility within the scope of your home theater devices.

Features of the Aurum Ultra Series – HDMI Cable

  • Works with your home theater electronics such as HDTV’s, Blu-Ray and gaming consoles
  • 30 AWG, 24k gold plated connectors with a braided thick insulation
  • Premium cable construction eliminates signal degradation
  • 99.9% oxygen free for maximum signal strength
  • Extra durability is achieved using tough nylon outer jacket
  • There is full shielding within connectors for signal interference rejection
  • Cable is fully shielded
  • Supports Ethernet network connections


The major benefit in choosing to use this cable, is that it will save you money. You receive all the advantages of a top quality cable at a fraction of the price.  These features ensure you will enjoy a quality audio and visual experience with all your HDMI devices.

Product Specifications

  • Supports 3D  – 1080p,  HD Cable box, Blu-Ray – XBox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4,  HDMI to HDMI
  • Supports 4K, 1440p, 1080p HD with transfer at rates of 10.2Gbps
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Audio Return Channel
  • Highest refresh rates offered
  • DTS-HD Master Audio and HD Dolby 7.1
  • Item model number: AUHDMB6FT-RB/FR
  • Comes in 6 sizes


  • Excellent price (inexpensive) and value for the money
  • High quality cable
  • Doesn’t kink
  • Connections are excellent


  • None as yet have been identified by customers

User Ratings

The Aurum Ultra Series – High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet has been reviewed and given an outstanding rating. Most users are all happy with the performance of the cable and pleased to have the opportunity to purchase a quality cable for a very reasonable price. However, a couple of customers had issues with the long cables (over 50 feet) at 1080p when they ran them through walls (this cable is not rated for through wall usage) and one customer had an issue with the connectors breaking. 


The Aurum Ultra Series – High Speed HDMI Cable is available at an competitively low price at Amazon. If you are eligible, it also comes with Free Shipping. To check for the most current price, you can find it here.

Recommendation – Buy

Customers are very happy with the performance of the cable and particularly the price. Most users of the product were happy to recommend it on this basis. This product is a good option for quality picture and sound on all home theater and gaming devices with HDMI output.

Monster Cable THX 1000 HDX-8 Review

Monster Cable THX 1000 HDMI Cable
Monster Cable THX 1000

The Monster Cable THX 1000 HDX-8 is an 8’ long, high speed HDMI cable which Monster fans love. This cable delivers the best audio and visual home entertainment experience possible. Monster THX cables have delighted purchasers who are quick to point out that as far as high speed cables go, this is one of the best.

As technology continues to deliver more advanced high definition components, so too does the demand for faster HDMI cables. Monster cables meet the needs of customers who seek exemplary sound and picture and the Monster Cable THX 1000 can do the job. All you need do is connect your TV to your audio and video components. If you need to run it through a wall, you can do so without loss of audio and picture quality.

Features of the Monster THX 1000 HDMI Cable

Physical Features

Length: 8 feet so you are not restricted in the placement of your equipment.


  • THX certified
  • ISF certified for professional video calibrations
  • The cable is UL rated so you can choose an in-wall installation if you wish and this option allows you to take advantage of a variety of installation options as well.


You can conveniently use the same cable for audio and video and connect the following devices for a high quality home entertainment experience

  • Most HDTVs, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes , gaming devices and home theater

Technical Features


  • Crystal clear sound adds quality to your audio experience for movies, TV and gaming


  • 14-bit Deep Color is provided for the ultimate in real life, vibrant color to improve your viewing experience.


  • The cable is Ultimate High Speed Rated at 15.8 Gbps for the best possible video and audio results.


  • The 1080p+/4K display resolution ensures you will be compatible with the latest HDTVs.
  • It provides you with a sharper picture to complement the superior audio experience.
  • The manufacturers recommend the monster 1000 for displays within the 120Hz to 240Hz refresh rates.

This cable is all about high quality, high speed audio and video data transfer so that you are able to enjoy and work with the best technology currently available with which to experience any home entertainment activity.

Product Specifications

Model: MC THX 1000 HDX-8
Shipping Weight: 1 pound
Length: 8 feet


  • High quality and long lasting
  • The price is reasonable for a high quality cable
  • Exceptional audio and visual
  • Very well made


  • The main issue is the usual complaint that Monster products are very much overrated and overpriced.


Customer Feedback and Opinions

Customers that have left reviews for the Monster Cable THX 1000 give it an excellent rating. Comments focused on the quality and its associated benefits such as superb picture and sound across a variety of HDMI devices.

There are a few negative comments focusing on the fact that this cable is no better than the lower priced versions, basically ‘Monster bashing’ where the price and quality of the cable was derided. To see more of what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.

Recommendation – Buy, if you have the money

The Monster Cable THX 1000 HDMI cable is available at the best price online and besides being competitively priced, also comes with Free Shipping, if you qualify. Monster fans love this high speed cable because it transfers HD video and audio signals to provide the very best viewing quality for movies, sports, TV and gaming.  Monster cables are very well put together quality cables, however there are many other choices for a quarter of the price that will perform as well as this cable. You won’t go wrong buying a Monster and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the cable.  If you want spend a lot less and still purchase a quality cable, look at Aurum, Rocketfish, Bluerigger or Mediabridge.

Check Price and Availability Here

9To5 Cables High Speed Ultra HDMI Cable Review

9To5 Cables HDMI Cable
9To5 High Speed HDMI Cable

This cable is currently unavailable. Check this similar cables. Bluerigger, Mediabridge.

9To5 Cables is a company that is beginning to rival Amazonbasics in the HDMI cable market. They specialize in supplying high quality HDMI cables at reasonable prices and their 6 foot HDMI cable is representative in terms of quality and performance, of the larger stock of cables they have available.

The outstanding features that are literally ‘wowing’ customers include a full lifetime warranty and the EMI interference suppressor. The lifetime warranty is a hit with customers because lifetime warranties don’t usually apply to less expensive cables while the EMI interference suppressor ensures that other household electrical appliances do not interfere with the cable’s image and audio data signals.

In addition to these two features, there are plenty of others, discussed in detail below, that make this HDMI high speed cable the ideal solution for gaming and home theater systems. A high performance cable at a reasonable price makes the 6 foot HDMI cable an outstanding purchase.

Check Price and Availability Here

Features of the 9to5 HDMI Cable

  • Design – a 6 foot high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet – Also available in 3, 10, 15, 25 and 35 foot lengths.
  • Category – Certified category 2
  • Compatibility – guaranteed to work with all HDMI devices and brands such as Playstation 3/4, Blu-Ray devices and the Xbox360 and Xbox One
  • Ethernet – a high speed  Ethernet channel is included. Increased refresh rates and Ethernet sharing by way of HDMI also ensures your viewing and/or gaming experience is of the highest quality.
  • Construction – 9 to 5 cables are made of a PVC outer layer that provides protection from external interference and possible physical strain, ensuring that the efficiency of the digital signal is maintained at all times.  The 6 foot HDMI cable also features partial metal shielding inside the connectors. This further reinforces strength and durability as well as providing increased protection from interference. The HDMI high speed cable is strong and durable yet is also pliable which makes for easy handling during use.
  • Connectors – are 24K hard gold plated and also have extra protection inside the connectors to ensure maximum contact and full signal transfer. They are snug fitting, which also helps to ensure maximum conductivity. The connectors are easy to attach and provide peace of mind by their ability to remain connected.
  • EMI interference suppressor  – this innovative addition ensures that you do not experience signal disturbances to audio and video


  • Return channel  9To5 cables HDMI
  • True HD-Dolby 7.1. sound
  • Automatic audio synchronization


  • 48-Bit deep color
  • HDCP Compliant
  • High refresh rates 240hz,1440p and 1080p
  • Full HD Resolution
  • 3D Technology – supports 480p,720p,1080i, 1080p, 1440p and 4K video formats
  • Delivers 1080p video on Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3, Apple TV, Google Chrome Cast and other HDMI Devices


Packaged Dimensions: 72 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pound
Warranty: Full Lifetime Warranty

What’s Great About the 9To5 Cables High Speed Ultra HDMI Cable?

  • High quality HDMI high speed cable
  • Great price and value for the money
  • Full lifetime warranty
  • Snug fitting connectors
  • Provides excellent picture display and high quality audio
  • Cable is thick yet pliable and soft
  • Comes with an EMI interference suppressor
  • Connectors are gold plated
  • Well-made and strong
  • Its medium length is ideal for a medium sized room

What’s Not so Great

No negative feedback to date

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers leaving feedback for the 9To5 Cables High Speed Ultra HDMI Cable give is an outstanding rating. Our rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars. Things they like about it include its warranty, quality, pliability, strength and thickness, gold plated connectors and excellent overall performance. To read more of what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.

Recommendation – Buy

The 9 to 5 Cables High Speed Ultra HDMI Cable is available from Amazon and you can check their lowest price for it here. Customers are impressed with the quality of this HDMI high speed cable as well as its overall performance. They are also impressed with the lifetime warranty and competitive price. Based on customer feedback, we think you will be very happy with this 6 foot HDMI cable.

Check Price and Availability Here

Twisted Veins vs Mediabridge HDMI Cables: A Comparison

Twisted Veins
Twisted Veins HDMI Cable

Twisted Veins – which was previously branded as Cheetah Mounts and Mediabridge both provide quality HDMI cables in the lower priced end of the market. There are many customers who use cables from both brands with their home entertainment systems because the cables are backward compatible with other HDMI components you might be using. Mediabridge has been selling on Amazon for considerably longer than Twisted Veins, however customers will often stay with a favorite brand.

Product Details Twisted Veins

Technical Details

The cable is suitable for use on multiple HDMI devices such as a HDTV, computer, Xbox and the Sony Play-station.

  • Features the latest 1.4 standard and is HDMI compatible with the latest devices

    Mediabridge Ultra Series HDMI Cable
    Mediabridge HDMI Cable
  • Supports high speeds and is 1080P, and 3D capable
  • Gold connectors are used to improve connectivity
  • Ethernet ready for Internet applications
  • Comes with Audio Return
  • It features an attractive braided jacket for extra protection as well as superior  insulation
  • Double shielded for excellent picture and sound quality


What’s Great About Twisted Veins

  • Excellent price
  • The listed specs were similar and of an equal standard to the high end, more expensive cables
  • Looks attractive
  • Excellent quality cable
  • Connectors are very well insulated
  • Extras that are included (90 degree connector and velcro straps)

What’s Not So Great

  • Very basic packaging
  • Warranty

User Ratings

Customers who have purchased this cable and have left feedback give this cable an outstanding rating. Approximately 90% of customers give this their best endorsement.  To read what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.

While this cable has only been on the market for a short time, it has become popular very quickly because it offers a combination of low price and high performance. HDMI to AV is something customers actively search for so that their entertainment systems deliver synced picture and sound. If you wanted to check for the most current price, you will find it here.

Check Price and Availability Here

Product Details Mediabridge

Technical Details

Premium grade connector shielding is achieved via the use of a unique full metal jacket and is a fully shielded heavy duty 28 gauge premium grade cable with a soft PVC jacket.

  • It supports 3D Technology, 4K, Ethernet Channel, Audio Return Channel, 1440p and 1080p FullHD resolution
  • It is Category 2 Certified, High-Speed 10.2 gbps / 340 MHz
  • Fully compatible with Blu-Ray, 3D Television, Roku, Boxee, Xbox360, PS3, Apple TV, Streaming Players
  • Comes with Official ‘Adopter’ Certification
  • Item Weighs: 7 ounces
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

What’s Great About Mediabridge

  • Great picture and sound
  • Great price

What’s Not So Great

  • The wonderful picture and sound that you get at the start, only lasts for a few weeks
  • Cables sometimes appear to be poorly assembled

User Ratings

A huge number of customers have purchased and left feedback for the Mediabridge cable and the give it an outstanding rating. We rate this cable at 4.7 out of 5 stars. To read what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.

This is an HDMI quality cable as its ratings and feedback clearly suggest, and it has been available on Amazon for almost four and a half years. Customers have supported the brand as they will most often seek out a low cost cable, particularly when it has been proven to perform as well as high end cables.

If you would like to check for the most recent price for this cable, you can find it here.

Check Price and Availability 


As you can see, Mediabridge has a huge market share compared to Cheetah Mounts Twisted Veins and their stats continue to attract more customers. While the difference in the length of time both companies have been selling their respective cables is large, it is obvious that the older company has a more consistent track record in relation to their rating quality over a longer period of time. Customers of both brands have had good things to say about the cables and technically there is little difference between them. You can’t really go wrong with either brand.

AmazonBasics vs Bluerigger: Which is better?

This is an interesting comparison between the BlueRigger High-Speed HDMI with Ethernet and amazonbasics vs bluerigger HDMI CablesAmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet because both of these cables are so much alike, that there is little difference between them. The cost between them is almost the same and they both have very similar features.

The differentiating factors come down to price, the number of reviews left by customers on Amazon and the percentage of 5 star reviews each cable has received. Even then, it is very close.

Both of these brands sell lower end HDMI cables which can be used for TV, gaming as well as watching movies. One of the most frequent comments left by reviewers for both brands is that the cables work just as well as any expensive high end HDMI cables.

Technical Details BlueRigger

  • Supports HDMI advanced features such as 3D, Audio Return, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master AudioTM and Ethernet
  • Category 2 Certified – 10.2 gbps / 340 MHz (Supports 48-Bit Deep Color and up to 240hz refresh )
  • Ethernet enabled
  • Fully compatible with all Blu-ray players, HD Cable boxes and all gaming consoles including Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Supports all resolutions including 1080p and 4K
  • Heavy Duty, fully shielded Premium braided Cable
  • One year warranty
  • Item Weight – 7.2 ounces (6ft)

Technical Details AmazonBasics

  • Ethernet enabled
  • Supports resolutions of 1080p and 4K
  • Ships in Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Share an Internet connection among many devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable
  • Model: max1.4 HDMI
  • Product Dimensions: 78.7 x 0.2 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight –  3.2 ounces
  • One year warranty

Pros BlueRigger

  • Great price and excellent quality
  • Picture and sound are perfect in all respects

Cons BlueRigger

  • Stiffness in the cable at the ends

Pros AmazonBasics

  • It’s less than half the weight of the BlueRigger cable
  • It’s super simple to use
  • It will probably stand the test of time with constant movement easier than the regular smooth vinyl cables

Cons AmazonBasics

  • The picture can have intermittent and very short stutters during playback
  • The thickness of the cable makes it hard to loop around and it’s heavier than the other cables

User Ratings and Reviews BlueRigger

Being a popular brand and cable there are many reviews for this cable. Customers give this cable an outstanding rating.  We give this cable a 4.7 out of 5 rating. To Read what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.

User Ratings and Reviews AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics cable is probably the most popular cable sold. Popularity withstanding, this cable receives outstanding reviews from customers. We also give it an outstanding rating. If you would like to read what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.


Both the BlueRigger and AmazonBasics HDMI cables are currently available for purchase on Amazon and both come with Free shipping if you are eligible. You can check the most recent price for the AmazonBasics cable here and for the BlueRigger cable here.


Both of these great performing cables will do the job for you and customers of both brands have expressed a positive opinion about being able to purchase a HDMI cable for much less than an expensive high end brand. AmazonBasics has come to the marketplace as a no frills ‘basics’ brand with a price to match. They have gained a loyal following who are very happy with the product and the reviews which have been left, are testament to this. Based on the statistics though, BlueRigger comes out as being the better product with better percentages. Amazon is a brand with clout though and will always sell.  You should be happy with either of these HDMI cables, if I had to make a choice, I recommend the BlueRigger High speed HDMI cable with Ethernet  based on the ratings and customer reviews.

Read the full review for the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet.

Read the full review for the BlueRigger High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet.

Aurum Long HDMI Cable Review

The Aurum Long HDMI Cable is a very popular cable with many positive reviews from folks that have purchased this long HDMI cable. Being 50 feet in length, this is a great cable to use if your source audio/video is not near your display device. The cable is ideal for long runs between gaming consoles, computers, HD cable boxes and DVD/Blu-ray players, basically anything with an HDMI output.Aurum Long HDMI

Some customers have run this cable in and through walls, while the cable seems to work okay for that application, I haven’t found that this Aurum cable is rated for in-wall usage. This means the cable doesn’t meet the electrical code for in-wall or through wall installation and may void your homeowners insurance if there was fire damage to your home and the cable was found to be the culprit or contribute to the damage. If you need a cable you can run in or through a wall, Bluerigger manufactures several CL3 rated cables that can be found at the links below or Aurum makes a 75ft version that is CL2 rated for in-wall usage.

Bluerigger 75ft cable with signal booster

Bluerigger 50ft cable

Features of the Aurum Long HDMI Cable

Length50 and 65 foot lengths with very few reports of loss of sound or video signal quality

Shielding – Ferrite cores protect from EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI(Radio Frequency Interference). Metal shielded connectors with additional shielding throughout the cable

Audi0/Video Standards Supported – 3D – 4K, 1440p, 1080p and all lower resolutions. Audio return, transfer rates of 340MHZ or 10.2gbps, True HD, Dolby 7.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Cable – is heavy duty 3o AWG with a stylish braided outer jacket and 24k gold connectors



Length: 50 and 65 feet
Connectors: HDMI Type A male
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

What’s Great About the Aurum Long Cable?

  • No loss of audio of video signal
  • Same quality picture as shorter cables
  • Much less expensive that brick and mortar stores
  • Connectors solid and make a tight connection
  • Nylon outer shell braid makes cable very durable
  • Works well with a variety of devices (HD cable box, gaming consoles, DVD/Blu-ray, computers and projectors)

What’s not so great?

  • A few customers experienced losing the sound and or video signal and could not display 3D

Customer Feedback

The Aurum cable is a very popular seller and there has been quite a lot of positive feedback from customers.  Things they like about the cable include, no loss of signal for such a long cable, the tight connections made by the connectors, the braided cable jacket and of course the great price is always mentioned.

There were a few customers that had issues with the signal dropping and another not being able to display 3D movies. This could have been caused by the audio/video components not being powerful enough to drive the signal 50 feet. These were definitely in the minority and most customers have left nothing but glowing reviews. You can read the reviews here.

Recommendation – Buy

The Aurum Long HDMI Cable is available at Amazon for the best price I’ve been able to find online. You can check the latest price here. Overwhelmingly, purchasers of the long hdmi cable are very pleased with the quality and performance of this cable, so much so that many expect to buy additional cables in the future. We highly recommend this cable if you are searching for a reliable cable you can use over long distances.

Check Price and Availability Here

Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable Review

This cable is currently unavailable - I'd recommend looking at Bluerigger or MediaBridge for a similar HDMI cable.

Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable
Fosmon HDMI Cable

The Fosmon HDMI cable is currently unavailable, check out the Twisted Veins and Bluerigger cables.

The Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable (Supports 4k, 1440p, 1080p) is a 6 foot premium quality HDMI cable which will stream digital video and audio through one cable. This cable is designed for home theater and can provide great picture and sound for HD devices. The cable is suitable and optimized for the next generation of performance HDTVs and game consoles which typically require 1080p resolution and Deep Color technology.

The Fosmon High Speed HDMI cable comes with a maximum bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps. This cable supports the latest HDMI standards including 4K, 3D, Ethernet and audio return.  This cable will support everything you could possibly want to do with audio and video at a reasonable price.

Check Price and Availability Here


Features of the Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable

  • Full 7.1 surround sound
  • (Category 2) maximum : 340mhz/10.2Gbps
  • It comes with superior-grade, solid-copper conductors of the highest-purity
  • It also has two toned connectors with strain relief
  • Gold plated connectors are also used in the cable


This cable comes with no-slip grips and this is a plus if you are doing your connecting by reaching behind your entertainment center and feeling your way through the ports. This is a small thing, but many people have their equipment set up in such a way so that working behind is the usual modus operandi for connecting these cables.

Product Specification

Length: 6 feet
Maximum Bandwidth: 10.2Gbps/340Mhz (Category 2)
Shipping Weight: 7 pounds
Item model number: HD1801


  • Excellently priced
  • Well built, thick and sturdy
  • It does everything an HDMI cable is supposed to do
  • Great picture and sound
  • No slip grips


  •  There aren’t any downsides to this cable to date.

User Ratings and Reviews

Of the customers that have left reviews for the Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable most have given it an excellent rating, demonstrating the cable’s overall outstanding quality and performance. It is priced inexpensively, yet delivers perfect picture and sound every time. A couple of customers had issues with picture flickering and had to giggle the cable to get it working. Something to keep in mind.  For the most part there are only positive comments made about the cable. To see more about what customers have to say about this cable, you can read the reviews here.


The Fosmon High Speed HDMI Cable (Supports the new 4k displays) is available on Amazon and is very competitively priced. While probably the cheapest of the cheap cables, it is the highest rated for quality and performance. You can check for the most current price here. This is likely the best value for the money cable on the market today and based on the very positive feedback from customers comes highly recommended.



PlugLug HD 600 Series High Speed HDMI Cable Review

The PlugLug HD 600 Series High Speed HDMI Cable has is a recent addition to the fine line of Pluglug cables and has proven to be popular with customers. It features the latest technology, yet is still compatible with previous HDMI standards as well as all the latest HDTV technologies.Pluglug HD600

The Pluglug high speed HDMI cable comes fully certified for 3D, Ethernet and audio return as well as the standard rates for data transfer for audio and visual data. The cable is also solidly made and features triple shielding for better performance.

Customers have said that this cable provides all the benefits of a high priced cable in terms of performance and functionality, yet it only costs a fraction of the price.


Features of the PlugLug HD 600 Series 

Design – a high speed HDMI cable that supports 3D technology with Ethernet channel, audio return channel, 1440p and 1080p full HD resolution
Suitable For – HDTVs, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Blu-ray players as well as other HDMI compatible devices
Sound – Audio return channel and True HD Dolby 7.1 and DTS-HD master audio
Video – 1440p and 1080p full HD resolution
Color – 48-Bit deep color with
Certification – Category 2 Certified, HDMI ATC 1.4a Certified and HDCP compliant as well as certified to support advanced HDMI features such as 3D, Ethernet and Audio Return
Video Transfer – Supports 4K x 2K duel stream, 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i resolutions
Transfer Rates – up to 340Mhz / 10.2Gbps
Jacket – high density triple-shielding isolates outside noise and provides excellent clarity
Cable Grade – 30 AWG has been used to ensure a thicker and more durable cable yet it remains flexible as a result of its soft PVC jacket
Connectors – are 24K gold plated to ensure accurate transmission of audio and picture
Conductors – Stranded Oxygen Free Copper conductors minimize resistance and signal loss
Backward Compatible – with earlier HDMI equipment, meaning you receive the benefits of the latest technology while knowing it will work with older HDMI devices. The cable will search out the best channel if conflicting data standards are detected.

Technical Specifications

Length: 9.8 feet or 3 meters
Item No: P100-00B
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

What’s Great About the PlugLug HD 600 Series High Speed HDMI Cable?

  • Sturdy, solid construction
  • Good connecting terminals
  • Carries all frequencies
  • Certified HDMI ATC 1.4a
  • Very attractive price
  • Quality cable that performs equally as well as high end cables

What’s Not So Great

  • There is no negative feedback to date.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers leaving feedback for the PlugLug-HD600 Series High Speed HDMI Cable give it an outstanding rating. We rate this cable a 4.5 out of 5. Things we liked about the PlugLug include its sturdy build, quality terminal contacts, excellent price and overall general quality. Customers made a point of commenting on how well the Pluglug HDMI cable performs when compared to expensive high end cables, yet for a fraction of the price.

To see more about what customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.

Our Recommendation – Buy

The PlugLug-HD600 High Speed HDMI Cable is available online at the best price I’ve found. You can check for the lowest Amazon price here. With most customers providing a top rating, we were impressed with what it had to offer. Based on feedback from customers and our review, we are pleased to recommend the Pluglug high speed HDMI cable to you as a value for your money purchase.

Monster U3 V600 HDMI Cable Review

Monster U3 V600 HDMI Cable

The Monster U3 V600 HDMI Cable would appear to not be as popular as the 6 ‘ cables. This is a short HDMI cable and comes in at 4 feet in length which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t need the clutter of a longer cable, yet who still wants top quality picture and sound for their home entertainment systems.

The Monster cable is capable of producing 1080p video as well as excellent picture quality with its high speed, resulting in outstanding high definition video. The Monster Ultra V600 will also optimize your sound system as it also comes with high-resolution Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound capability. In summary, it is a short HDMI cable that provides all the advantages of longer cables.


Features of the Monster U3 V600 HDMI Cable

  • Design – Ultra 600 for HDMI Cable Technologies
  • Cable Length – 4 feet or 1.3 meters
  • Plug Housings – have a durable gold plated internal shield so that they remain robust when you insert and remove the plugs from their jacks
  • Bandwidth – greater than 4.95 Gbps so as to provide high speed, high resolution performance
  • Performance – will suit 1080p HDTV, advanced DVD player, high-resolution Dolby Digital or a DTS surround sound system


  • 24k Gold Contacts – these will provide a corrosion resistant connection so that picture and sound continue to perform at a high level of quality
  • Strain Relief  – this is heavy duty with dual internal strain relief provided within the cable for optimum performance
  • Protective Jacket – is made from duraflex
  • Precision-Wound Double Helix – is also used as part of the HDMI cable construction standard
  • Low-Loss Nitrogen (N2) Gas-Injected Dielectric

All materials used in this cable’s construction are designed to both provide and prolong optimum picture and sound quality of your home theater equipment.


Item Weight: 9.6 ounces
Length: 4 feet
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

What’s Great About the Monster U3 V600 Cable

  • Picture quality is very sharp
  • Provides great quality sound
  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Connectors are good quality and shielded with gold plating
  • Well packaged
  • Sturdy build with solid plug housings
  • Perfect cable to interconnect equipment to a home theater receiver

What’s Not so Great

  • There was no negative feedback at the time of this review

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers that have left feedback for the Monster U3 V600 HDMI Cable give it an excellent review rating. They are impressed with picture and sound quality it provides as well as its construction in that the plug housings are quite sturdy and therefore not liable to separate when removing them from relevant jacks. To see more of what customers have to say, you can read the reviews here.

Recommendation – Buy

The Monster U3 V600 HDMI Cable is available online and is reasonable priced. In addition, Free Shipping applies, if you qualify, for even more savings. If you would like to check for the most recent and up to date price, you can find it here. Because customers love this cable and have nothing but good things to say about it, we are pleased to recommend it as a value for money HDMI cable.

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Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable Review

*** The Cheetah Mounts HDMI Cable has been rebranded to Twisted Veins.  The cables still have the same great quality and outstanding reviews at a great price.  You can read a review of the Twisted Veins cable HERE.

The Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable is, according to existing customers, one of the best quality HDMI cables on the market today. Not only does it work like gangbusters, it is also inexpensive and whenever these two things meld into the perfect combination, Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cablecustomers will always let you know about it. This cable features the newest 1.4 standard so it will handle upcoming technological developments as well as work with the latest electronics devices such as Blu-Ray players and gaming systems. From a technical perspective, the Cheetah Mounts Cable comes with an audio return channel to so that picture and home theater features are synced, this will ensure you receive the full benefit of your surround sound system.

If you have a smart TV, the Ethernet feature will have you ready for web browsing. The cable looks great too and is double shielded so that you experience an excellent picture and superlative sound quality. The cable is completely covered with an attractive blue and black protective casing which effectively prevents it from becoming frayed and/or damage. It’s a lot of cable for a little price, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality and its ratings speak for themselves.

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Features of the Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable

  • High Speed (1080P, and 3D 1080p Capable)
  • A braided jacket is included and provides extra protection and insulation
  • This cable is Ethernet ready
  • Includes Audio Return
  • Gold Connectors provide a quality connection


The Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable can be used on multiple devices such as HDTV, computer, Xbox and the Sony play-station. This means you don’t need a different cable for each device and this can save you from having a mess of tangled cables behind your entertainment system.

You can save a lot of money with these cables too because they work as well as high end cables and if you didn’t want to be constantly removing the cable from one device to use in another, you could afford to have a cable for each device, if you wanted to.

Product Specification

Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces
Length: 10 feet
Item model number: APHDMI10


  • Great price
  • The listed specs were similar and on par to the branded and expensive cables
  • It looks great
  • Excellent quality cable
  • The connectors are beautifully insulated


  • Very basic packaging – but this does not affect the performance of the cable in any way

User Ratings and Reviews

Customers have left reviews for the Cheetah Mounts High Speed 3D HDMI Cable and they have rated it with an almost perfect rating. It isn’t often that a product with this many reviews will maintain such a high rating and because it does, you can be assured that it performs very well from a functional perspective, does what it is advertised to do, proves huge value for your money and looks great as well.

There were a few negative comments which related to connectivity issues, but they must have been unlucky because 90% of customers didn’t. To read more about what customers had to say about the cable, you can read the reviews here.


The Cheetah Mounts HDMI Cable is available on Amazon for a very competitive price and if you are eligible, it also comes with FREE Super Saving Shipping. You can check for the most current price here. Based on the excellent feedback and ratings from existing customers, this cable comes highly recommended as ‘must have’.