Monster Cable THX 700 4 Foot HDMI Cable Review

Monster THX 700
Monster THX 700

The Monster Cable THX 700 4 Foot HDMI Cable provides the same quality performance as the longer Monster HDMI cables. There are times when the home theater setup configuration calls for a shorter cable and Monster Cables have provided this option with their 4 foot HDMI Cable. You can expect above average quality picture and sound, even with the shorter cable.

As with other HDMI cables, the THX HDMI cable allows you to transfer video and audio from an HDMI source to an HDTV and other HDMI compatible devices. Ethernet is incorporated into the cable so you won’t require a separate cable, effectively reducing the cord clutter behind your equipment. If you have your equipment set up in a small space, this is an advantage along with the shorter cable length.

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Features of the Monster Cable THX 700 HDMI Cable

  • Design – features typical quality Monster engineering and construction in the areas of connecting, conducting and digital signal transfer, but in 4 foot cable.
  • V-Grip Connections – unlike many cheaper HDMI cables which can often inadvertently disconnect when you move them, such as during cleaning, the 4 foot HDMI Cable has a Monster V-Grip connector. This acts to increase the retention force and subsequently provides a more reliable connection.
  • HD Video – 1080p is supported in every frame, you can expect 1,080 progressive lines of vertical resolution which effectively removes any possible streaking or blurring of the picture
  • Color – 8 – 12-Bit Color is supported and provides lifelike color through a standard color display of up to 16 million colors to add to your visual experience
  • Speed – is 60/120 Hz which ensures a very fast speed for refresh rates. It provides Smooth Motion video support for DVD players and HDTVs so that together with the 12 bit color, you receive a quality visual experience which is able to capture every movement of your favorite sports team or the fastest action movie.
  • 3D – the Monster 700 THX HDMI cable is 3D ready for movies and games which supply two video streams. This cable supports 1080p and full HD. This means that the HDMI 700 THX is ready for 3D with plenty of capacity.
  • Sound – is the other integral part of any home theater experience and the THX HDMI cable has it in spades and supports Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD™. This is loss-less surround sound at its best so that Blu-ray Disc™  movies are fully supported, placing you in the center of the action.


Measures: 78.7 x 1 x 1 inches
Weighs: 11.5 ounces
Item No:  MC700HD-2M
Warranty: Full Lifetime Warranty

What’s Great About the Monster Cable THX 700 HDMI Cable

  • Monster cables are known as quality cables
  • Connections feel very secure
  • Works really well
  • Great price
  • They do what they are meant too
  • Better than low end cheaply priced cables
  • Provides a very clear picture which suits action movies and/or sports
  • No blurring
  • Well made cable

What’s Not so Great

  • Nothing indicated by customers

Customer Feedback

The customers that have left feedback for the Monster Cable give it an excellent rating. Things they like about it include its quality, which in turn was reflected in better quality picture and sound, particularly for fast paced action movies and sports. Customers use this cable to replace their ‘cheap’ HDMI cables because they felt it wasn’t too expensive and the improved picture and sound was worth the small investment. To read more about what customers have to say about the THX HDMI cable, you can read the reviews here.

Our Recommendation – Buy

The Monster Cable THX 700 4 HDMI Cable is available online and for a Monster cable, is very competitively priced. To check out the most current price for this cable, you can find it here. Customers were impressed by the price and quality of the Monster THX HDMI cable and their feedback certainly reflects this. There is a market for shorter cables and based on customer experience, we are pleased to recommend this one to you.

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