Aurum High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet Review

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On June 25, 2016
Last modified:November 22, 2018


Another inexpensive HDMI cable from Aurum that receives excellent reviews, but a small percentage of users have experienced quality issues.

Aurum High Speed HDMI Cable

The Aurum High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet is a low priced HDMI cable which has, according to users, the same capabilities and performance of high end cables. It is a sturdy cable which delivers excellent picture quality and sound, while being backward compatible with all previous HDMI cable standards. It comes packed with features to ensure gaming and home theater entertainment experiences are of excellent quality.

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Features of the Aurum High Speed HDMI Cable

Quality Sound and Picture

  • Backwards Compatible with Previous HDMI Cable Standards
  • Supports 3D content, Ethernet and Audio Return Channel
  • Works with all Blu-ray players, HDTVs, Xbox360, PS3 and other HDMI devices
  • Supports Refresh Rates of up to 240hz and 48-Bit Deep Color
  • Supports Transfer Rates of  10.2gbps or 340Mhz
  • Supports DTS-HD Master Audio and True HD Dolby 7.1
  • HDCP Compliant

Rugged Build

  • A protective PVC outer layer on this cable acts to protect it from physical strain and external interference. It also maintains the efficiency of the digital signal.
  • To help resist corrosion, it comes with gold plated connectors
  • ATC (Authorized Testing Center) certified for resolutions up to 1440p

These features ensure that you receive top quality performance from the cable, but without a hefty price tag. Customers who have purchased and used the cable are more than pleased with its performance and some expressed surprise that it supported 1080p for the price of the cable.

Product Specifications

  • Guaranteed 4K, 1440p, 1080p and lower resolutions
  • Cable Category 2 – High-Speed 10.2 gbps/340 MHz (Supports 48-Bit Deep Color and 240hz Refresh Rates)
  • Fully shielded premium grade cable with soft PVC jacket and ferrite cores
  • Supports all current HDMI features such as 3D, Ethernet, Audio Return, DTS-HD Master AudioTM and Dolby TrueHD


  • Does not seem cheap or flimsy, very sturdy feel
  • Great value


  • One customer was not happy with the cable not being the advertised length of 6.6′. It came in at six feet in length.
  • Some users experienced issues with these cables being either DOA or having issues after a month.

User Ratings

Customers that have left reviews for the Aurum High Speed HDMI Cable give it an excellent rating. However, there does seem to be some cables that are DOA and there seems to be an issue with quality . I’d recommend paying a little more and getting either the Aurum Ultra Series, Bluerigger or Mediabridge cables. To see what customers have to say about the cable, you can read the reviews here.


The Aurum HDMI Cable is available online at the best price I’ve found on the net.  If you are eligible, it also comes with Free Shipping. You can check for the most current price here.

Recommendation – Cautious

The Aurum High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet is a low end cable which suits most of those who have purchased it. The cable supports a huge range of HDMI hardware such as Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, LG, RCA, Visio, Philips, etc. as well PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and all  HDMI Connections. The majority of users are very pleased with its performance. We are cautiously optimistic recommending this cable.

Another inexpensive HDMI cable from Aurum that receives excellent reviews, but a small percentage of users have experienced quality issues.